Mission and Commitment


 NATIONAL FUNDING’S mission is to provide a very precise, accurate analysis of every property that will allow our clients to know and rely on the exact loan amount that the property will qualify for. It is also our mission to keep our clients informed and offer them the best possible loan program that will enable them to achieve the goals they have set for their property. The final mission is to fund the loan on time.

How is this mission statement accomplished by NATIONAL FUNDING?

NATIONAL FUNDING’s commercial mortgage professionals have years of specialized underwriting experience which enables us to analyze the property historicals and determine the exact loan amount for which your investment property will qualify.  We are pleased to do that as a free service for you without obligation. We then try to discover your specific goals for that property and give you different loan options to best make those goals obtainable. It is very important for us to keep you well informed while your loan is being processed.  We issue weekly time lines that let you know the exact progress of your loan, we also give you prior knowledge of when different third party reports are due.   We keep you informed of any situations that arise which may require further action, which allows that situation to be resolved immediately instead of waiting until the last minute when the loan should fund.  These time lines keep all parties informed during the financial transaction to reduce the stress that a larger property investment can have.  More importantly, the constant monitoring of the loan makes the loan fund on time.

Another important benefit borrowers receive from dealing with NATIONAL FUNDING is confidence that we are constantly shopping the market on your behalf to obtain the best rates and programs available for you. Mortgage brokers can shop lenders much more effectively than borrowers. Brokers are in the market every day, where borrowers are in the market a few times during their lives.  Brokers receive price information from lenders daily as a matter of course. They know which banks are aggressive in the industry and the banks that have reserved lending policies.  Brokers have relationships with multiple lenders, and are therefore well positioned to find and shop among the lenders offering the best programs.  The potential savings realized by using an expert when shopping mortgages are particularly large for borrowers purchasing an apartment complex and become even more important as the cost of the property increases. 


     NATIONAL FUNDING is dedicated to providing you with the best professional service humanly possible to close your loan, service of such quality that we will be the only company that you will want to handle the financing of your investment properties.

     When NATIONAL FUNDING issues a Letter of Interest to a qualified borrower based on  information given us that is factual and correct, we will get that loan funded. Remember, we do not get paid until the loan has funded! 

     NATIONAL FUNDING is committed to disclosing the total lender fees for services upfront, in writing, so there are no surprises halfway through the loan process.  We try to anticipate and inform you of the worst case scenario and what might possibly go wrong, which would cause more fees to occur. 

     NATIONAL FUNDING will use our best efforts to help you determine which loan is best for your portfolio.  If we cannot be competitive or meet your needs, we will try to assist you to find a company that has the product you need. 

     NATIONAL FUNDING will constantly endeavor to find new types of loan products as they become available in the market place. It is our knowledge of the financial products that banks offer that will get you your loan.  We also make it our business to know their underwriting guidelines to match the correct lender to your specific situation.  In many situations, since we are a conduit lender, our loan will be exactly what you are looking for!

        NATIONAL FUNDING will always have that special “sense of urgency” to get your loan funded on time!